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Why You Need an Insurance Agent

It may be easier, and in some instances a few dollars cheaper, to buy insurance directly online, but many people fail to consider the long list of benefits that come with having a local insurance agent handle their insurance needs.

  • Anyone who has ever had to call an 800 number when they needed assistance knows that you don’t always get friendly, helpful and timely support. When making a claim, people want the process to move quickly and go smoothly. By following the progress much more closely and attentively than an unknown person on the other end of an 800 number, a local Agent is more likely to make sure this happens.
  • An experienced, local Insurance Agent is much more qualified to answer questions related to necessary coverage amounts, deductibles and exclusions than a random customer support phone person.
  • The ability to meet face to face with your agent, if necessary, is obviously not an option if insurance is purchased over the internet.
  • Sometimes insurance purchased over the internet is less expensive because it excludes coverage for certain things. By having a local agent review and explain the policy you are better informed of what is and what is not covered. Without the assistance of an Agent, uncovered items are only discovered after a claim is rejected and the policyholder is forced to unexpectedly pay for the damage out of their own pocket.